Adobe Campaign Developer

Business & Decision, an Orange Digital Services company, and Adobe Partner is looking for an Adobe Campaign Developer to reinforce its Customer Engagement Solutions practice. If you are eager to join our team of experts and support our clients by helping them building full omnichannel experience, you should probably keep on reading!

Position and missions

As an Adobe Campaign Developer, you play a critical role in driving business growth through effective marketing campaigns. You bring together technical expertise, marketing knowledge, and problem-solving skills to design and execute campaigns that engage customers and drive results.

Your focus will be on developing marketing campaigns that align with our client’s marketing goals, working with cross-functional teams to develop campaign strategies, create audience segments end execute campaigns across multiple channels.

Challenging projects in multi-solution environments for prestigious clients include leading brands in retail, finance, and transportation among other sectors. 

The opportunity to expand your knowledge of the entire Adobe Experience Cloud suite and the Adobe Experience Platform



An Adobe Campaign developer is responsible for designing, building, and testing marketing campaigns using the Adobe Campaign platform.

The skills required for this role include:

  • A strong understanding of Adobe Campaign's features, workflows, and capabilities is essential for an Adobe Campaign developer.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript is necessary for creating custom scripts and integrating Adobe Campaign with other systems.
  • An understanding of HTML and CSS is required to create and edit email templates, landing pages, and other marketing materials.
  • Good understanding of SQL is required to create and manage data schemas and workflows.
  • Familiarity with marketing automation best practices, including lead scoring, segmentation, and campaign management.
  • An understanding of data management best practices, including data integration, data cleansing, and data privacy regulations is important.
  • Very good communication skills are essential to collaborate with cross-functional teams and understand their requirements for campaign development.
  • Ability to analyze problems and develop effective solutions.
  • Attention to detail is essential when designing and testing campaigns to ensure they meet the requirements and are error-free.
  • Continuous learning, the ability to continuously learn and adapt to new features and updates is necessary for an Adobe Campaign developer.