EXASOL AG is a leading manufacturer of analytical database systems. The core EXASOL product is based on In-Memory-Technology software for professional, parallel and fast data analysis of large data volumes.

EXASOL is a leading manufacturer of analytical database systems with software for professional, parallel and fast data analysis of large data volumes that is based on In-Memory-Technology. EXASOL offers comprehensive sector-independent solution scenarios ranging from business intelligence, customer insight and data warehousing to complex predictive analytics in real-time.

Innovative analytical database technology

EXASOL offers an innovative analytical In-Memory-Database solution and an unbeatable know-how, enabling you to effectively make use of your data - quick, easy and affordable.

Flexible and easy to handle

EXASOL is the only company offering an analytical In-Memory database, which flexibly embeds itself into your infrastructure, either by scalability on commercial hardware or by the agile integration into Hadoop and other specialized databases. There is no need to change anything at your existing infrastructure.

Attractive and flexible solution

EXASOL is different: our innovative approach to the data analysis enables us to offer you a solution that is precisely tailored to your needs, which is ready to use within a few days. EXASOL is sector-independent and is applied by a variety of different companies. This solution is most suitable for analysis with large and complex data sets, where speed and flexibility is key. Currently, the following business solutions are available:

    • Operational BI and Reporting
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Hadoop Analytics
    • Tableau Turbo Appliance
    • Data Warehousing
    • SAP BW Accelerator