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Joining Business & Decision, it’s being part of a community of Data & Digital experts who are delivering ambitious state-of-the art solutions to our clients.

Business & Decision not only offers interesting missions and the possibility to work with the newest technologies but also, we value the importance of continuous learning throughout the entire career of our consultants.

Become part of something big
  • Collaboration is key  
    Be part of the change and make a positive impact. We value knowledge sharing and collaboration

  • Authenticity & Diversity 
    We don't select based on resume only but on the motivation & personality of the candidate

They choose Business & Decision

Pierre Charles
flag_zwitserland Switzerland
I have the full trust from Business & Decision leadership team and the freedom to launch new initiatives that can help growing our business. I have also access to a full variety of activities like management, marketing, recruitment and partnership.
Simon Data Engineer
belgium Belgium
This six-week training course prepares all junior newcomers to be comfortable & ready when they start working at the client.
belgium Belgium
"We are working with tools to integrate Data so that they can be further analyzed by Data scientists or data analysts. But since my work is also a leading position, I also have quite a lot of tasks. I collaborate with the clients & manage the team too."

Our promises when you join us

  • Join a community of experts

    As Data Artists and Digital Natives, we put innovation at the heart of our expertise. Through innovation, we deliver the best digital services and data-driven insights enabling long-term success for our customers. We not only understand data, but also know how to use it to fuel progress and growth. That is why our pioneering solutions are always future-oriented with a clear focus on sustainability

    Community of experts at Business & Decision
  • Stay committed to yourself

    We believe that by bringing diverse skills and minds together, we reach our full potential. Our open & inclusive culture encourages our people to team up & let personalities shine. Through respect, empowerment & continuous learning we help each other be successful. We consider a good work-life balance a top priority: personal growth at work is only possible if there is also time for hobbies, family & friends.

    Stay committed to yourself & others at Business & Decision
  • Make agility your ability

    Agile working means you have the autonomy and trust to determine the best architectures and designs. We offer guidance, but also support pioneering vision and thinking outside the box. By sharing your ideas, you and your team are able to push boundaries and make waves in the industry. Steer your career in the direction that suits you best, and together we will drive your progress.

    Agility at Business & Decision
  • Experience the power of people

    We may work with tomorrow’s technology, but at our core we are a people-oriented organization. We believe in working with people, not just for them. This is reflected in our flat structure and human-centric leadership, which readily adapts to our people’s needs. Everyone's voice is heard, so everyone can contribute to the continuous improvement of our organization.

    Experience the power of people at Business & Decision

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