An inexhaustible raw material, data can turn into gold if it is used effectively. Optimise processes, accelerate your growth, control your ecosystem, create new solutions… becoming a data-centric company means using internal and external data to feed all your services and decisions.


Business & Decision, Data expert since 1992

We are an historical player in data for 30 years, data is our expertise, our core business. Our consultants support you at every stage of your data and AI strategy and projects. A single objective: enhance your data assets to create value.

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    Data Science & AI

    Data Science & AI By feeding AI with external data, combined with the data you produce and collect on a daily basis, you will be able to increase your productivity, boost your sales, improve your margins, prevent anomalies and fraud, and even more. Discover
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    Data Governance

    Data Governance Data governance allows you to maximise the control and usability of your data assets and place them at the heart of your services and strategic projects. Discover
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    Data Intelligence

    Data Intelligence The effective use of data can provide you with a global vision of your operations, allow you to measure their efficiency and help you to optimise them by taking the right decisions. Discover
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    Data Architecture

    Data Architecture Boost the way you store, collect, transform, distribute and use your data to your advantage. Discover
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    Data Security

    Data Security Data is a vital asset for your organisation. Used by all departments in the company, managed by third-party tools, shared with your partners and even stored in the cloud, it is also highly exposed to risk. Discover