BI application support

In this project, Business & Decision provided daily support to users in about 50 countries in the management of their KPIs. All users have access to two applications: Field Sales Force and Digital Sales Force.

The client needed a tool that could facilitate the management of the activity of its sales representatives which could help to anticipate the optimal way to deploy them based on the results of the previous months and the products sold.

The two applications offer a reporting solution to assist users in the periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) monitoring of indicators on the visits (face-to-face or remote) made by medical representatives to different types of customers (doctors, clinics, hospitals) to present the products.

The support allows users to have their data updated on a daily basis and to have quick and agile answers on the KPIs calculated in order to be able to optimally summarized the information coming from their CRM and to make the right decisions throughout the year.