BI & CPM Solution

Business & Decision supported a client regarding their analytic tool: the application analyses the financial part together with the operational part to obtain greater visibility by providing BI and CPM solutions. Dashboards have been developed for P&L and budget analysis, as well as stock and risk control.

Some improvements have been implemented in terms of visualisation (more interactive and intuitive dashboards). Besides dashboard performance, and new processes have been created, such as the Budgets modification and approval flow or the stock analysis.

  • More general screens with the possibility to go into more detail by selecting the record in question. 

  • Creation of new processes that automate work and reduce the time required to perform daily tasks. 

  • New graphics and review of previous calculations. 

  • Possibility to make data modifications in the application itself. 

  • "One version of the truth" achieved with data obtained and verified according to common business rules.