BI Roadmap Framework

Commercial subsidiary of a leading brand in the automotive sector with more than 700 employees distributed in 18 centers, with a commercial activity that covers the entire sales and after-sales process (workshop activities, sale of accessories...) of a vehicle, for new vehicles, second-hand vehicles and fleets.

The client did not implement Business Intelligence platform, which causes the information processing to be tedious and costly for those who are responsible for it, and therefore, it slows the escalation to the management of the company losing effectiveness and importance. To remedy this, we transmitted the need to conduct a study of the information they currently manage and proposed a BI solution tailored to the needs of the company.  

To accomplish this, an analysis project has been carried out, in which 30 interviews have been conducted with the people responsible for generating this information in the different areas of the company (Sales, After Sales, Quality, Marketing, Finance and HR). This has resulted in a file containing the most important KPI's to measure in order to follow up the commercial activity, the architecture to efficiently obtain this information, as well as the appropriate tools to achieve it and an implementation plan.

We designed a system that: 

  • Unifies and relates such information so that the exploitation is agile and effective. 

  • One version of the truth thanks to the data obtained & verified according to common business rules 

  • Optimization of the time dedicated to the analysis of the information  

  • Cost savings 

  • Standardized reports for all business units 

  • Minimization of human error when processing data 

  • Predictive capacity of future eventualities and ability to respond to them successfully