Change Management, Management 3.0

The company we supported in the automotive sector had 400,000 employee which involves difficulties and challenges to face with dozens of teams, hundreds of projects and an infinite number of dependencies

Our mission in this group consists of three complementary pillars: the first is to act as change agents accompanying managers to apply the principles of management 3.0 to spread the culture of change from the top, the second consists of providing workshops and courses to train people in agile methodologies (kanban, poker planning, SCRUM, ... ) and finally ensure the functioning of agile teams and the transformation of those who are not yet through the work of scrum master.

With an increasingly horizontal hierarchy, integrated teams with more communication skills and trust in agile, an unprecedented work environment is achieved with a great capacity to react to change in a record delivery time that is summarized in the motto: Deliver as much business value as possible, as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the market.