Digital Factory

The Digital Factory in Madrid is positioned as a strategic and visionary agent in the roadmap of the automotive industry with more than two hundred technology consultants.

On the one hand, the company had to carry out the most ambitious Salesforce project of the year. 
On the other hand, the 24 countries operating in the perimeter from which the support of the different applications and the software development of new functionalities for more than half of the group's customers is managed.

On the digital side, Business & Decision has positioned expert talent in the transformation of the customer relationship of a leader in the automotive sector. 
We have a team of Product Owners who, thanks to their proven experience in the world of digital marketing and CRM activity, accompany the client in the design and specification of solutions that meet the new needs of the Customer Journey. Both for the increasingly demanding and connected customer. 
This activity is realized by the steering of development teams, by the product owners and solution managers, who are responsible for projecting high-level designs, acting as translators between the software engineering world and the business specifications.