Improve your business decision-making with expert insights on data.

Navigating the world of data can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. That's why we've curated a collection of videos from experts in the field, who will discuss key data & digital concepts topics such as Data Governance, Data Mesh, Data as an Asset, Customer Data Platform, Data Lake, and Data Protection...

These short, informative videos will help you gain a better understanding of these important concepts and provide valuable insights for your business. So sit back, relax, and let our data experts guide you through the world of data.

  • What is Data Governance?

    Listen to Julien Tagnon, Data Governance expert, as he explains the powerful benefits of Data Governance Learn how Data Governance can streamline your operations, reduce errors and waste, and help your organization make smarter, data-driven decisions

  • What is a Data Strategy?

    Are you tired of struggling with your company's data? It's time to implement a powerful data strategy! But what exactly is a data strategy? Simply put, it's a plan for how your organization will collect, analyze, and use data to achieve its goals. And with the help of our expert, Benjamin Protais, you can discover the main pillars of a successful data strategy.

  • Data-centric or Data-driven?

    In this video, our expert Benjamin, outlines the key distinctions between a data-centric and data-driven approach for companies. As organizations become increasingly reliant on data to drive decision-making, understanding the difference between these two approaches is essential.

  • Why is Data important for the C-Levels?

    Pierrick Reglioni, a Data Expert, provides a comprehensive explanation in this video regarding the importance of Data for the C-Level and their crucial role in implementing a Data strategy.

  • Managing Data as an asset

    Gain insights into managing data as an asset with our Data Governance expert, Julien Tagnon. In this video, Julien provides a comprehensive explanation of why data is an asset and how it can be managed effectively to achieve business success.

  • Master Data Management?

    Do you want your company to stay ahead of the competition? Then you need to invest in Master Data Management (MDM). MDM is not just a buzzword, it's a critical process that enables you to keep your data clean, accurate, and consistent across your organization. Watch our video to learn everything you need to know about Master Data Management & how it can transform your business.

  • What is a Data Catalog?

    Are you tired of wasting precious time searching for the right data in your organization? Do you want to optimize your data management and analysis processes? Then a Data Catalog is exactly what your business needs! Learn more in this video.

  • Data Protection

    Curious about data protection? Want to know how to identify and secure your data? Check out this video on Data Protection where we break it down for you. Learn all about it and keep your data safe!

  • What is Data Quality?

    Are you struggling to ensure the accuracy of your business's data? Julien, expert in the field reveals the critical role of data quality for your company's success and offers proven techniques for elevating it. Don't let poor data quality hold your business back. Watch now and discover how to take your company to the next level!

  • Data Sharing Communities

    Unlock the full potential of data sharing by revolutionizing your approach with the latest approach of Data Sharing. Join Gabin Flourac, a data expert, in this video and discover the diverse categories of data shared by data sharing communities. Explore how this knowledge can benefit you and your organization.

  • How to avoid Data Swamp?

    If you want to learn more about getting value from your data and avoiding a data swamp, we recommend watching the accompanying video for a comprehensive overview.