Website to promote job offers and internships in the public sector aims to increase the employment of Brussels people in public sectors located in Brussels and to participate in the promotion and improvement of the quality of the city's trades. The means deployed include monitoring, information, training, promotion, coordination and steering of regional initiatives and working groups and the setting up of partnerships.

The future website needed to meet the following requirements: 

  • To promote job offers and internships

  • To gather job offers from Actiris, Selor, SPRB, IBGE, the Port of Brussels, etc.

  • Create a website

  • Positioning the Brussels-Capital Region (via its representative bodies) as an exemplary employe

  • Improving the reputation of the Brussels-Capital Region
  • A multilingual website 

  • Web content Accessibility Guidelines : Level AA (label any surfer)

  • Communication between website Brujobs and different servers via Webservices/XML/RSS

  • A back office (Drupal) for encoding stages

  • A search engine with Apache SolR (real time indexing)