Data Mesh concept can help you to overcome the challenges to put data at the heart of your decision making.

Thanks to this new philosophy, your business is able to gain power & autonomy in the production, governance and exploitation of their data. 

Data Mesh is a decentralized socio-technical approach to managing and accessing data for analytical purposes, and most importantly, at scale.
Zhamak Dehghani

Take your evolutionary step with Data Mesh

Data Mesh

What next? If the Data Mesh approach is clear and promises success, the difficulty for most companies today in their data-centric objective remains the implementation and the sustainability of the project. Where to start & how?  
For a trouble-free approach, our data experts are there to accompany you. They will support you with both theory and practice from a strategic, architectural and operational point of view on how to approach your future Data Mesh. Together we can think and write your roadmap that will meet your specific needs. 

An interactive bootcamp

  • Data Thinking

    Data Mesh explained to your business, Data & IT teams

  • Action plan

    Co creation of an action plan definition for each Data Mesh pillar.

Chief Data Officer from an International cosmetical company

What a great experience to see our team convinced by the Data Mesh approach we initiated few months ago! We are really satisfied with the work we started in our Data transformation journey to become Data driven!

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